December Newsletter

Hello Fellow Guild Members,

This month’s guild meeting was a great success.   We really know how to have a good time!  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to us having a such a wonderful spread!

Our next meeting will be on January 16th at 7pm.  Below you will find out all the events at that meeting.

  • 10 for 10 with Diana Taylor
  • Robyn’s January Challenge
  • Show and Tell
  • Guild Business:  In our next meeting we vote on becoming a member of the Modern Quilt Guild. Please do the following prior to the next meeting:
    1. Please read the document MQG Membership Explained
    2. Post your opinion in the comment section of this post.  Our leaders will read the comments prior to the January meeting.
    3. Consider, joining the MQG may increase our yearly dues and the possibly of providing a “sponsor” for members who are unable to pay the yearly fee.

Remember, only members who are present at the November meeting will be able to vote.

Please remember, we wil not have a December meeting but we can still have a December Show and Tell!  Post your all your show and tell items you are giving as gifts or just happen to finish during the December frenzy the following ways:

  1. On Instagram using the hashtag:  #WATLShowNTell 
  2. On Facebook by posting on our wall.

Lastly, please sign up to share a technique for a 10 for $10.  We love learning from members first!  If you have any events you would like to include in the next newsletter, please forward that information to  As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



7 thoughts on “December Newsletter

  1. I support membership in the Modern Quilt Guild, but have also joined as an individual member, so if the consensus is to wait a year or two, I would be fine with that. I also like the idea of creating a scholarship fund that can be used in several ways for students or those who really can’t afford the increased dues membership in the National Guild will cause. If we are to implement a scholarship program, I would like to see us raise money to 1) fund all or part of membership in our local guild, 2) fund programs to inspire young people to learn to sew and quilt 3) fund attendance at retreats or special speaker events 4) other opportunities as they arise. If we institute such a program we should establish a committee to define the criteria for receiving a scholarship, design an application form, and to evaluate applications. This group might also look at ways to fundraise for the program. It is possible that we will have more applicants than we can help, so we will need to have a way to determine who gets the grant or scholarship. Also, if we do not have applicants, we may eventually need to find ways to spend these funds. As a non-profit there are limits to how much cash we can retain on the books. Those are my thoughts. Hope others chime in.

  2. I support WAMQG becoming a member of the Modern Quilt Guild.
    Once a decision is made to move forward, I would be willing to brainstorm ideas for developing a fund raising effort to assist people who might not be able to participate due to financial concerns.

  3. I support the guild becoming a member of the Modern Quilt Guild.

    I also like the idea of adding an option to the guild dues payment process that allows a member to add on an additional amount of their choice ($10, $20, $35, whole amount, etc.) onto their dues to go to a separate fund for those who might not be able to afford the dues. I can afford my own dues and would love to help another, but cannot afford two full dues.

    I also agreed with sentiments brought up at the November meeting about using our guild funds to subsidize the cost of trips or retreats, etc. I do not see that as a fair use of the money since many might not be able to afford even a reduced price rate. I like much better the suggestion of using guild funds to support events that happen here, locally, like guest speakers, local quilt shows, and things that are easier for all of us to participate in for less personal cost.

    I know these aren’t all directly related to the Guild membership; my support for that is easy – it only took a sentence.

  4. I think it is a good idea to join, it offers so many opportunities for growth and learning. I also like the idea of a scholarship fund and the other ideas that Kay brought up.

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