October Newsletter


   Happiness is found in a tote bag.

Hello Everyone!

Guild was a joyous event as usual!  Picture will be posted on the Facebook page soon for all who may have missed guild last night.  Just a few announcements:

  1. November is our 2nd Annual Ornament Swap and Nosh.  The ornament Swap is a handmade swap.  Please post in the comments below on the food item you would like to bring.  We need, drinks, snacks, appetizers and desserts of course!
  2. In December this is no Guild Meeting!
  3. Our next meeting will be on November, 21st at 7pm.
  4. Sew In:  Keep an eye on the Facebook page for the next sew in date.
  5. Charity quilts are due by the January meeting.  Groups should decide on what charity they are going to donate to.
  6. I gave out only three quilt labels yesterday.  I will have WATLMQG labels once again at the November meeting.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  I will compile a list of Nosh items that are expected for the November meet and post it the early part of November.


4 thoughts on “October Newsletter

  1. Kay,
    I’m sorry to hear you’ll have to miss! Let’s make arrangements to get me the quilt top before or during that week, then, so that we can move forward with the charity quilt!

    Also – Kerrie – the third Thursday is Nov. 20 – not Nov. 21. (I’ll be in EUROPE on Nov. 21!)

    For my food item, I will bring my favorite party dish – jalapeno bacon cheese dip with Rtiz crackers. And probably some Christmas beer. Because, jalapeno bacon cheddar dip.

  2. The newsletter states our next guild meeting is on November 21. That is a Friday. Is the meeting on Thursday, November 20 or Friday, November 21?

  3. That’s a typo.  The meetings are always on the third Thursday. Fabricate Studioswww.fabricateatlanta.comwww.facebook.com/fabricatestudios

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