March Newsletter

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful day.  Just as a reminder, March 21st is the date for our next meeting.  The meeting location is Fabricate Studios, 1746-B Defoors Ave NW, Atlanta, GA.  The meeting will start promptly at 7pm.  Bring with you items for Show & Tell and your fabric for the swap.  Parking is provided directly in front of Fabricate Studios and behind or the on the adjacent street.  Snacks will not be provided but if you would like to bring something sweet for yourself you are welcome to!

Things to do before the next meeting:

  1. Complete your membership registration, you can do that here.
  2. Pay your yearly guild dues.  For your convenience you can complete the payment online through PayPal or in person at the next meeting.
  3. Register for the guild’s newsletter.
  4. Prepare yourself for the Lucky Rainbow Charm Swap.  Charms will be collected when you sign in to the meeting and dispersed the same night.
  5. Bring something captial A- Amazing for Show & Tell!
  6. Visit the Guild’s blog page and subscribe.
  7. Follow us on Twitter.
  8. Like us on Facebook.
  9. Submit your sewing/quilting blog or business URL to
  10. Submit upcoming sewing/quilting events to

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March Events

1.) Lucky Rainbow Charm Swap

Rainbows do make dreams come true!  I am so excited we are having this swap, so here all the details.  On March 21st come with two yards worth of 5 inch squares.  You will come in with one stack of one color and leave with a rainbow!  How cool is that?

If you are unsure the best way to cut charm squares check out this tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman.

Color Assignments:

**This has changed since last our last meeting so please pay close attention. 

If you last name ends in:

  • A through E:  Reds (from Burgendy to the Hottest Pink)
  • F through J:  Yellows (from Sunshine Yellow to Tangerine Orange)
  • K through O:  Blues (from Turquoise to Deep Sea Blue)
  • P through T:  Greens (from Spring Green to Emerald)
  • U though Z:  Purples (from Lilac to Royal Purple)

2.) Spring Time Pin Cushion Swap

In April, we will be swapping pin cushions.  For the love of spring, try to incorporate bright colors into your pin cushion.  Bright colors may cheer up your fellow guild member as they reach for the seam ripper. ;0)  Also, check out the Guild Pinterest board for pin cushion inspiration.

3.) Sew Into Spring Sew In

This event is still in the pre-planning stages.  It is our hope to secure a location and time for this event.  All details will be discussed in the next meeting.

**If there is an event you think will interest us, such as expos, upcoming classes, fabric store sales or anything fun or free.  Please send all event details  We want to be in the know and give everyone an opportunity to join in on the fun!

Quilty Events Around Town2013-03-16 04.30.53 am

Well, I am glad you asked!  March 16th has been declared by the National Quilting Association as National Quilt day.  Go on and get your free pattern as a bonus for loving everything about quilting!

Whipstich Fabrics Final Farewell

Our fellow guild member Deborah Moebes has decided to close the wonderful doors of Whipstitch Fabrics.  Join her is saying farewell on March 22nd at 7pm.

As always, feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!  Hope to see you on Thursday.


Lucky Rainbow Charm Swap

2013-03-01 01.52.46 pm

Rainbows do make dreams come true!  I am so excited we are having this swap, so here all the details!  On March 21st come with two yards worth of 5 inch squares.  You will come in with one stack of one color and leave with a rainbow!  How cool is that!

Oh Frannson! (Elizabeth Hartman) Has a great tutorial on how to properly cut charm squares on her blog here.  If you are already not following her, her blogs is one of my favorites.   Colors will be assigned by last name:

Last Name Ending in …



Red (from Burgundy to the Hottest Pink)


Yellow (from Sunshine Yellow to Tangerine Orange)


Blue (from Turquoise to Deep Sea Blue)


Green (from Spring Green to Emerald)


Purple (from Lilac to Royal Purple)

If you have any questions about this post please email me at


Announcing the Mug Rug Parade

West Atlanta Modern Quilting Guild Mug Rug Swap

Hello Everyone,

The month is going by fast and before you know it we will once again be together!  I have created a series about Mug Rugs!

  1. The Mug Rug Explained – Posted Here
  2. 10 Mug Rugs to See or Try- Posted Here
  3. The Mug Rug Parade – Will Post on March 1st

Check out each page and join the Flickr group Mug Rug Swap.  Post pictures about your progress or finished works.   Post your finished work prior to our next meeting, which is on February 28th, 7pm at Whipstitch Fabrics and on March 1st I will post our Parade right here on our Blog!

Feel free to contact me if you have any question and remember have fun!